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Our Story

Striving to Advance our Clients’ Goals

Evolving from its expertise set in its history, The Gibraltar & Palme Group Limited has built its portfolio of services and has become a sought after advisory firm that guides hotels, real estate development companies, destination organizations, and aviation services companies on program planning, development, service delivery and sales and marketing improvements through critical analysis of their environment, financial strength, infrastructure and service levels.

Established in 1992, Gibraltar & Palme took on the central task as a holding company for various projects including real estate development, community master planning, interior design, and global conference and meeting management. Today it has evolved into a group that offers unmatched professional services that taps into the company’s worldwide resources and expertise.

Gibraltar & Palme’s team has spearheaded the financing and investment in multifaceted real estate projects that include hotels and hospitality opportunities in addition to mixed use projects covering several city blocks. Our extensive experience in stakeholder and government relations translates into seamless program development and effective strategies to promote successful acceptance of concepts and planning.